Series: Ben Pecos

A Way to The Manger, A Ben Pecos Christmas Mystery Novella

A week before Christmas Charlene Toya, local teen basketball star, goes missing on the way to her Tewa pueblo home. Native American psychologist Ben Pecos offers to help the family and begins to piece together some disturbing facts—Charlene’s […]

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The Pumpkin Seed Massacre, Ben Pecos Mysteries Book 1

Native American psychologist Ben Pecos has returned to the New Mexico pueblo of his birth as an intern with the Indian Health Service. Still struggling with the demons of his past, he is plunged into the nightmare rampage of a mysterious illness that is killing the residents of the pueblo, including his own grandmother.

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Yellow Lies, Ben Pecos Mysteries Book 2

The coyote howled four times. Salvador Zuni laughed, realizing he was holding his breath, then waited for another long piercing wail—hoped for another…
Salvador Zuni is a master carver of traditional Native American fetishes. He is also a cheat. He makes synthetic amber that rivals anything to be found in nature, complete down to the insects he places inside. His recipe is worth a fortune, and someone is after it…

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Fire Dancer, Ben Pecos Mysteries Book 4
Coming: April 19th, 2018

Ben Pecos has the opportunity to work in Albuquerque on a research project for the Indian Health Service, and his fiancée Julie Conlin decides to join him when she snags an invitation for the couple to stay at […]

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Thunderbird, Ben Pecos Mysteries Book 3

The fiery crash of a Stealth fighter on a New Mexico reservation and the disappearance of a young Navajo woman put psychologist Ben Pecos and tribal police officer Tommy Spottedhorse on a sinister and mysterious trail. Tribal police […]

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