Yellow Lies, Ben Pecos Mysteries Book 2

The coyote howled four times. Salvador Zuni laughed, realizing he was holding his breath, then waited for another long piercing wail—hoped for another…

Salvador Zuni is a master carver of traditional Native American fetishes. He is also a cheat. He makes synthetic amber that rivals anything to be found in nature, complete down to the insects he places inside. His recipe is worth a fortune, and someone is after it.

When Ben Pecos, the new resident Indian Health Services psychologist, arrives at the pueblo, he finds himself caught up in the investigation of the murder of a trader in native artifacts and fetishes. Someone is willing to kill and use the spirits of the tribes to drive Salvador out of his mind and into prison for the crime. But something smells odd to Ben, and as he begins to investigate, he treads deeper into the mystic and the list of suspects grows longer.

Masterfully plotted and rich with the spirit and characters of the Southwest, Yellow Lies shows Susan Slater to be at the top of her form.

Yellow Lies builds on the strengths of its predecessor, The Pumpkin Seed Massacre. Susan Slater effectively combines an appealing mix of new and existing characters; beautiful, even mystical, descriptions of New Mexico; dry humor; crackling suspense; and a surprise ending. Nicely integrated with the action are intriguing details on Native American life and mythology.” —Booklist

“… rich evocation of Native American culture, rituals, and religious beliefs. Ben Pecos is a thoughtful man who seems to have internalized the best of both his worlds, and the romance with a television reporter that blossomed in his first outing takes a firm step forward in Yellow Lies. Well grounded in the history and archaeology of the American Southwest, this is a welcome addition to the genre popularized by writers like Tony Hillerman and a fine step forward in what promises to be a popular series.” – Jane Adams, online review