Spring is Here!

I love the ocean–it certainly has its own brand of beauty. But when I think of missing my “home”, I’m thinking of New Mexico. I don’t think there’s any other state so defined by color as it is. This picture of spring in NM captures that. It’s a land of the earth whether it’s sand-hued adobes, acres of white sand or golden clay-yellow mesas. I always knew when traveling back to my home exactly when I crossed the state-line–the scenery, and color, was that distinct. I think I mention in one of my novels that it’s really earned the motto: Land of enchantment. 

Tell me about your home state….  what defines Spring where you are?  What part does color play?  

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  1. I live in British Combia Canada. I leave in a valley wìth beautiful snow topped mountains with orchards and vineyards below. Spring has brought the flowers and a possibility of flooding again.The dull and cloudy days has changed to vibrant gŕeen.

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