Who said writing is a thankless job?







Every once in awhile, writers get recognized and not just on the Oscars!

I’ve written for a local magazine, The Pelican Post, for the last two and half years. It’s an eye-catching quarterly that

is known for great local interest articles, super photography, and even publishing the tide tables–a plus for all 

fishermen in the area. I’ve loved my assignments. I’ve written about our local humane society (its an absolute

miracle that nothing furry followed me home), the Intracoastal Fishing Contest, the Artist of the Year, the Modern 

Western and many other topics. It’s allowed me to get acquainted with my community and highlight some of the 

special events offered. Article writing is fun. In the eighty thousand words or so of a novel, I can meander around 

a bit but not so in the eight hundred words of an article. That’s a challenge. This “thank you” plaque was a wonderful 


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  1. First I’d like to say that the magazine you write for must have great heart and soul in it’s home, it’s not always needed but I know it gives wormth to your own soul when given. ☺congrats!!!Your home town sounds like a wanderfull place to live and must give you plenty idea’s for your books. I enjoyed your note and hope to have more good news given your way.

  2. Kat—thanks for the kind remarks!! I admit to loving Palm Coast and, yes, to lots of ideas for plots!! I hope to keep you reading for a long time!

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