What’s your favorite reading space?













I love cozy reading or writing corners. I want both of those areas to be private and quiet! My reading corner is

at one end of my lanai–Florida’s term for a screened or glassed-in porch. It’s comfy, well-lighted and tucked

away from the rest of my bungalow–yes, I’m big on “tiny” homes. 

 My office is in an alcove at the other end of the lanai. My only prerequisite for a working space? A window above

my desk! Not sure why but it’s important that I have an opening to the real world close by. It’s more than just the

natural light–somehow I can’t see staring at a wall when I’m thinking through a scene or troublesome element

 of a story. Maybe it’s just the promise of escapism–if I work really hard I can go out and play later?

 Do you have special places set aside to read? Or maybe write? If so, what makes them special? 



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  1. Susan, I love your special place to read… it looks so cozy! I also have a nice cozy spot… I’ve attached the picture. It’s in a quiet corner of my bedroom. I like to read and meditate in this space. With the back door open, a nice breeze comes through and you can hear birds singing. It’s so peaceful.

  2. Susan,Having made many trips to NM doing conferences at Glorieta/Pecos, we fell in love with the Southwest! All the flavors, colors, people, culture,etc. How we miss going there. Yet with your books, it’s like making the trip! Thanks, dear lady for your novels.

  3. I never leave home without a book. My favorite place to read is absolutely any place I can sit down and indulge my reading addiction, long time, short time, doesn’t matter.

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