Craig Johnson (of Longmire fame) Fundraiser and Book Signing Event


There are book signings . . . and then there are BOOK SIGNINGS!! I wish I had a nickel for every library broom closet, tiny Indy bookstore backroom or outdoor patio in the rain  (yes, I know it never rains in Southern California) that I’ve signed in. I think it was past experience that made me want to have a gala book signing when I brought Craig Johnson (of Longmire fame) to Palm Coast, Florida on February 3.

His fans come in three categories: rabid, semi-rabid and “Craig who?” I managed to find one-hundred and fifty-two fans from the first category and made a mere signing into an event. Starting with the venue: a turn of the last century dairy barn surrounded by horses served as backdrop. Absolutely fitting for Walt. Then,  perhaps, the best grilled chicken ever for a chuck wagon lunch, moving onto an interview  and book signing and ending with a local C/W band with line-dancing lessons offered by one of our members. This was a fundraising event sponsored by the University Women of Flagler and all monies go to scholarships for young women in the area.

Flagler County’s own Sheriff Rick Staly attended gifting Craig with  a commemorative coin celebrating Florida law enforcement. I really couldn’t have improved upon the day. It was a neat celebration of reading and camaraderie and just plain fun. Craig has never met an audience he didn’t like and is a great, personable speaker. One woman—and I don’t think she was joking—suggested a campaign to draft Craig to run for political office. I think I better warn him!



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